This end user licence applies to the installation on your workplace or home computer of the e-book (PDF format) French-English/American Thematic Dictionary on Defence and Security.  Before using this product, please read carefully the terms and conditions set out below.  They constitute a commitment between the user and the author-publisher Philippe Le Lay.


Use of the e-book is granted under the terms of this licence, with Philippe Le Lay retaining all rights not expressly granted to the user.  The user is the owner of the medium on which the e-book was originally stored and the disks on which it has subsequently been saved, but Philippe Le Lay retains the intellectual property rights for all copies of the e-book.  This licence will be implicitly accepted by the user once the latter has unsealed the box containing the e-book on CD-ROM.  By so doing the user undertakes to comply with the terms and conditions of this licence.

1. Copyright

This e-book, of which Philippe Le Lay holds the intellectual property rights, is protected by French copyright legislation and by the relevant international agreements and laws of the user’s country.  Consequently you must treat this e-book like any other product or data protected by copyright and use strictly in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

2. Number of licences required

The number of licences required depends on the total number of workstations with access to the software.  For more information please visit the website: www.lelay.com.

3. Rights conferred by this licence

This licence allows the user to use the e-book on only one computer at a time and make one copy to be used solely for backup purposes.

4. Usage restrictions

This e-book is protected by the French legislation governing copyright.  The Act of 11 March 1957 authorizes only the “copies or reproductions strictly reserved for the private use of the copier and not intended for collective use”.  Any full or partial representation or reproduction, on hard copy or computer, made without the author’s consent is unlawful.

It is prohibited to modify, adapt, translate, rent, lease, loan, sell for a profit, distribute, perform a network install (unless explicitly agreed by the parties in advance) or create derivative works based upon the e-book or any part thereof.

5. Termination

The licence may be terminated in the event of a failure by the user to comply with the terms and conditions of this contract.  In this case, the user undertakes to destroy the PDF file and backup copy.


6. Legal disclaimer and limited warranty

The e-book is delivered “as is”.  In no case can Philippe Le Lay be held liable for any incidental, consequential or indirect damages (loss of earnings, business interruption, loss of data, etc.) arising out of use of the e-book or inability to use it even if Philippe Le Lay has been advised of the risk of such damage. Philippe

Le Lay can in no case be held liable for any actual harm suffered by the user.