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Learn English through musical theatre

For 12-14 and 15-17
Dancing, singing, acting and... having fun in London

A one-week very intensive 30-hour real singing, dancing and music theatre course designed for participants aged 12 to 17 from all over the world willing to develop their skills in the English language. PLACE: London, Great Britain, placed with welcoming English speaking host families. Open to individuals and groups (1 free group leader for 10 participants).

  1. Programme description

  2. Course schedule and content

  3. Homestay in English speaking families

  4. Dates, price & booking

  5. The Artistic Director

  6. Life in London

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1. Programme description

Our partner in London offers combined language and music theatre workshops in the heart of the music theatre world - London. We draw upon the expertise of our specialist teachers of Acting, Singing and Dance and worked together with specialist language instructors to combine skills and have developed a custom made curriculum, which is both fun and ensures a boost in language skills.

Embrace the Musical World - in London

Summer 2012 Course at Les MiserableWe are located right in London the European centre of music theatre. All our courses are based on the magic of music, we do not offer static language classes but combine a kinesthetic and interactive approach to teach languages and music theatre so that learning English is a fun and exciting experience. A major part of the week is a fun tour through London in which we will also visit a world famous music theatre venue.

Highest Qualiy of Education

All teaching takes place in group-style workshops with our experienced music and Drama language teachers. We employ talented coaches for every part of the course so students and parents can be assured that the highest level of education is being delivered. You will be amazed by how much can be done in one week - one how much fun it is at the same time!

Multiple countries for a real group experience

We always strive to combine groups from multiple countries in our courses. The advantages are obvious - the students need to speak English to be able to communicate with students of different countries and they get to know different cultures from around Europe, a true multi-national experience!

2. Course schedule and content

Our Arts Based Language Education (ABLE) is an effective and fun way to learn English that encourages expression and understanding, which are longer lasting and more effective than traditional methods of simple memorisation.

ABLE is one of the most enjoyable ways to learn a language and we strive to develop self-esteem through our creative teaching while nurturing self-confidence and demanding high standards from all our students.

All participants (aged 12-17) are divided into age based groups and will get the opportunity to involve themselves in performances utilising Acting, Singing or Dance to express work that has been practised within the ABLE programme in a fun environment.

It is a wonderful way to learn a language and immerse oneself in a different culture as well as making life long friends. In addition, students will be working with some of the most talented performers in the Music Theatre industry as well as language instructors in a seamless programme that will result in an exciting and truly individual learning experience.

We believe in creatively nurturing each individual through an education process that encourages self-expression and positive learning.

Example of course schedule subject to changes:

Saturday: arrival in London, transfer to the hosting family, dinner

Sunday: Daily pick up at the hosting family. Tour of London: visit of a famous theatre (The Globe theatre, Les Miserables backstage, etc.) and shops around Piccadilly Circus (Hameleys, Lilly White, M&Ms, etc.). Packed lunch at Covent Garden. Walk from Saint James Park to Buckingham Palace and Westminster area. Snack. Daily drop off at the hosting families.

Daily schedule Monday-Friday: 09.30-16.30 detailed as follows.

The following schedule is the Arts Based Language Education (ABLE) Course's basic daily guideline


All Language classes will be conducted entirely in English and group participation will be encouraged in order to make this class a fun part of the day. In addition, some materials from the other classes of the day such as Acting and Singing will be incorporated and therefore establish a link throughout the entire programme. Establishing this link will continue to make learning both interesting and very effective.

Dance with English singing

We believe in the well known saying of ‘a healthy body a healthy mind’ and this part of the day will be sure to get everyone awake and filled with positive energy with our exiting and high energy Dance classes. In our purpose designed Dance and Movement class we incorporate language with dance in a fun and effective manner. The classes are taught by some of the top choreographers in London! All students at all levels can benefit with both the physical challenges of the routines as well as adding the muscle memory of speaking while moving.

Acting Class with English Self Devised Scenework

Monologues from established plays will be used in order to help students combine language usage with Acting in an extremely entertaining and supportive environment. Improvisation will also form a significant part of this interactive class and therefore each student will have a direct contribution to what class content is generated. The instructors will be able to help students devide group scenes that will be both fun and provide a postivie learning envrionement!

Lunch Break

Lunch will take place on the premises and students are supervised at all times. No one is allowed to leave the premises without direct supervision. During the lunch period students will have a chance to discuss today’s events and thereby apply their newly acquired English skills with other students and the staff as well!

Singing Workshop (Music Theatre) with basic stage movement.

Music will be provided from some of the most popular shows such as Wicked®, Mamma Mia® and various Disney® musicals as well as other well known shows from the West End. Students will receive help with pronunciation as well as phrasing from very talented teachers who are performers themselves. In addition, students will be able to request material, which will then be brought in to make the class a truly interactive learning experience. In addition, at IAPA we don't believe in sitting for very long and think it is much more fun to move! Therefore, group class singing will be combined with staging and basic movement which will result in an extremely fun and rewarding class. Optional solo performance opportunities will be available for those who are interested.

Snack Break

Once again, this is an opportunity for the students to interact with eachother and try to practise some of their new skills!

Dance Class and Group Performance review

The last part of the day will bring the whole day’s work together to focus on specific challenges that students are facing and help to overcome them in a entertaining and positive group environment. Specific performance material will be rehearsed and students will receive additional individual coaching to help improve. In addition, groups will perform to eachother and give everyone a chance to see the progress of their classmates. This important part of the day will also allow our teachers to work on specific challenges with some students while others watch and learn in this masterclass type supportive environment.

3. Homestay in English speaking families

Learning English is about daring to speak! What a best place than in a safe English speaking hosting family in London? It is our bet for the participant to make the most of it and get the best return on investment. The participants will receive a continental breakfast and cooked dinner. They will eat a packed lunch provided either by the host family or the organization.

We try our best to have 2 participants of different nationalities whenever it is possible in the same host family. All the participants over 15 years old will travel unescorted between the host family and the school. Their parents need to sign and send us a disclaimer to validate their application authorizing them to travel unescorted in London out of school hours.  For 12-14: children are escorted at all times (between the host families and the school by public transportation, etc). Accommodation in twin (usually no triple) rooms in English speaking hosting families in London. Single room for the group leader. During the school hours, the participants are under the responsability of IAPA. In the disclaimer, you grant that your child himself is motivated to follow the programme and mature enough to stay with the groupe and the host family.

4. Course dates, fees & booking


JUNE SESSION from Saturday 22/06/2013 to Saturday 29/07/2013
SESSION from Saturday 29/06/2013 to Saturday 06/07/2013
from Saturday 26/10/2013 to Saturday 02/11/2013

The course fee of €749 includes Music Theatre language course in London as well as full-board accommodation and a supervised tour through London. It also includes FREE pick-up AND drop-off at Victoria Station, St. Pancras Int'l Eurostar Terminal or London Heathrow Airport by members of our staff. We can also arrange for a pick up at some of the major airports in the London area (Gatwick, Stanstead and Luton) for an additional €25. Additional €50 to be the only guest in the hosting family (from 15+ according to availability).

International trip and personal insurance not included.

Registration on our partner's website:

1. Please book directly on the International Academy of Performing Arts' website informing them you come from Le Lay Language Consulting: you can pay the deposit on-line to book the course and make sure you will have availability.  Terms and Conditions.  

2. You confirm the arrival and departure flight/train number, exact time and place as soon as you have bought the ticket.

3. You receive a confirmation from the programme. Sorry but as we do not want to desappoint any chil, you may not receive any information about the hosting family until the week prior departure due to usual last minute changes :)  

Please do check no your child's passport availability!

Feel free to contact us for any further information: (English, French, Spanish or Italian speaking): Christèle Pinault-Le Lay au +33 (0)6 82 90 99 23

5. The Artistic Director

Luis Garcia, Course Coordinator at IAPA: Luis Garcia is an international performer and is passionate about teaching music theatre. Recent students have been accepted at all major colleges in London as well as having lead roles in shows such as Wicked, Phantom of the Opera and Les Misérable. In addition, former students have gone on to being finalists on shows such as X-Factor. Prior to joining the International Academy of Performing Arts as Artistic Director, he was Head of Music Theatre at the UK Theatre School, were he worked with children and teenagers.

6. Living in London



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