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Native English speaking tutoring in Spain

Get yourself an exciting new skill with the LET'S TALK programme!

You can live as a language tutor in a Spanish family for two weeks up to three months. In exchange of, for your full-board, you are expected to provide your host family with up to 15 hours maximum of conversational lessons per week.

1. Characteristics

4. Locations in Spain 7. What we provide for you

2. Benefits

5. The hosting families 8. What you need to provide

3. Exchanging skills

6. Requirements 9. Fees

1. Characteristics

2. Benefits

3. Exchanging skills

You do not need to have experience or be a professional teacher. The lessons will not always need to take place in a class room setting (i.e. at a desk) but can be held in a much more personal and informal setting (i.e. while cooking together, shopping or during a walk).

Should the family ask you to assist their children with language homework, the decision to do so will be entirely up to you.  The organization does not impose any restrictions on such arrangements.

The scheduling of the classes will be up to you and the hosting family. However, should you require any assistance in that respect, our hands-on local partner will be more than happy to assist. Once the lessons are complete, the rest of the day will be up to you to spend as you wish. Your leisure time can be used for sight -seeing, learning a new sport or simply following your heart’s pursuits.

4. Locations in Spain

We offer the "Let's Talk" Spanish programme in cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, the southern region of Andalucia, Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera and (for those interested in the outdoors) the Tenerife island.

All cities and regions offer plenty of culture, impressive surroundings and entertainment with features for all tastes. For more information, we invite you to have a look on our Spanish partner organization  web site: www.openmind-international.com

Direct link to the Let's Talk Programme: http://www.openmind-international.com/openmind.php?lets-talk&p=EN,105,3,,1

5. The host families

The families who decide to participate in the "Let's Talk" programme are interested in expanding their horizons, learning more and sharing their everyday life with others from different cultures.  Our host families vary – from couples with multiple children, to those with none at all. We also have single hosts who are just as keen to participate in the programme. Most of our host families do not have good basic French, German or English language skills. But for Spaniards, this does not pose any obstacle, as they are renowned for their love for interpersonal communication. Surprisingly, conversation and learning success are possible. However, occassionally sign language may be necessary for interpretation resulting in some amusing situations.

The Openmind Regional Coordinators select the host families with utmost care. Participants are provided with a separate room and a separate or shared bathroom.

6. Requirements

To participate you need to be at least 18 years old and to have completed your high school education.

Knowledge of Spanish is not essential but you must be native in English, French or German.

The tutor will provide up to a maximum of  15 hours per week of conversational English tutoring to any members of the host family on a mutually-agreed upon schedule, in exchange of what the tutor will receive a full-board (packed lunch if the family is not at home at lunch time) and access to the washing machine and iron once or twice a week.

The tutor abides by the rules of the programme, including those reasonably set by the host family.

The programme runs throughout the year so you can apply at anytime. However, in August we offer fewer placements due to  the fact that more Spanish families tend to take their  summer other month. holidays around this month than any other month.

7. What we provide for you

8. What you need to provide

9. Fees

 1 month   € 550
 2 months  € 750
 3 months  € 825

Payment in Euros required

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